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At a tender age, she got married to a very wealthy business man. Not long after that, she  became a car dealer, just when she was 18 years old. In her mid twenties, she sold a property in Lagos that fetched her a whopping $625,000.
She was young, exuberant and rich. So she took off and traveled to several countries to see the world and give herself a treat..
In this interview with Moses George, she spoke on various issues, including her encounter with General  Ibrahim  Babangida.  Welcome to the world of this enigma, popularly called Hadiza Motors; Enjoy it:

Your marriage to a wealthy man must have been responsible for your getting started in business at a relatively tender age?No...No. What happened was that…..everything in life is a product of destiny That marriage was like being caged. I was sentenced to that man . I was not allowed to work or to do anything. I had everything at my disposal: maids, drivers, just name it. My husband could afford every luxury that you could think of. Then one day, he travelled. There was this National Supplies Store close to our house, I went there and met one Mr Adebowale. I told him that I came to purchase rice. He then wrote 10 bags on the supply paper which he handed over to me to take to the store. The I said to myself, all we needed was 1 bag and this man is asking me to take 10 bags. A bag of rice was N35 at that time. Then some trader outside said they could pay N40 per .bag. That means I could make N50 on the 10 bags. So I gave them the supply paper, collected my N50 and went home without taking any rice home. When Alhaji came back from his trip, I excitedly told him what happened at the National Supplies Store. The following day, I wrote a letter to the
Managing Director of the National Supplies company in Lagos. Before you  know what was happening, I was being supplied 300, 500 bags of rice. It was too good to be true. Don't forget that I was making N5 per bag. Soon, I became rich. I bought a pick-up van to enable me transport my rice supplies.

So your husband approved of the whole thing….
Yea. He took good care of me. He took me everywhere: Germany, England,  America… everywhere. He did that to make me happy. At times, we use to travel to Saudi Arabia on Thursday and return on Sunday. When he saw that I was making money from my business, he decided to support me. The pick-up van I purchased was for slightly over N4,000. One day, one of Alhaji's friends came to our house and told my husband that he heard that I bought a pick-up. He said that a local government he had
General Ibrahim Babangida greatly. Babangida is a great man, a great leader. Perhaps all those who make negative utterances about him do so either out of mischief or wrong information. The media has been very unfair to this great man. They asses him based on sentiment. The attacks and criticisms of IBB is just a hype. There should be objectivity. You shouldn’t throw mud at such great people just for the fun of it. IBB is a good man  with a good hearti. So with regards to the land at Karimu Kotun…Lagos, that land was a prime property..Strategically located. Some people in high places told me that IBB wanted to take the land from me. He was the Head of State then and had immense powers at his disposal. That time, I was still at the University of Lagos. So, I wrote IBB a letter saying' there is life after power. I learnt you want to take my land away from me'.  You know what General Babangida did? He called Yakubu Mohammed of Newswatch magazine and told him he had nothing to do with that land. He asked Yakubu to tell me that I should go ahead and  do whatever I wanted to do with the property. That time, I was prepared to confront IBB, even though I knew he could send me to jail for daring  him. I insulted him in the letter I sent him. Instead of sending security operatives to pick me up, he sent Yakubu Mohammed to me. What humility. You can confirm this from Yakubu Mohammed. He left my land for me. S o I sold  69B to Nigerian Re. I am still the owner 69 A. So out of that money, I took $100,000 and started travelling from one country to another. Each time I checked into a hotel, a five star hotel,  I would ask them: is that the best room you can offer? I wrote all embassies in Nigeria, telling them that I just sold my property for  $625,000 and that they should connect me to the best hotels in their countries. They were sending complementary visas to me. You know that they want people to visit their countries and spend some good money, which  I got. You know, while abroad, each time I  checked into a hotel and deposited my money, say $80,000, their mouths will fall open in amazement  and I'll tell them that,” I just sold my land for $625,000 and I came to enjoy myself in your country.” I was feeling alive and feeling on top of the world. After 3 days, I’d take off again to another country. When I came back to Nigeria, I started acquiring choice properties and choice automobiles. I bought limousines and every other expensive car that caught my attention. I was the cynosure of all eyes. I bought this land for just N2 million. Look at the amount I sold it. They whole thing was a promotion from God..On my return to Nigeria, I had only $3000 left on me. The remaining $525,000, which was in fix deposit account yielded interests from banks. I started investing the 40 per cent that banks were paying for my deposits. I acquired properties everywhere. I thank God.

You played a prominent role in the emergence of Prince Abubakar Audu as Governor of Kogi State. At what point did your relationship with him crashed?

Who is hajia Hadiza. How would you describe yourself?Well, thank you. Hajia Hadiza is an easy going woman. I was born on 1st October, 1963 in Ibadan. I grew up there. That means that I attended primary and secondary schools in
Ibadan. Later, I proceeded to the University of Lagos to do a degree in Mass Communications. My father owns the famous Hakuri night Club in Ibadan. It was a happening place then. The past National Chairman of PDP, Senator Ahamadu Ali was my father's friend when he was a student at UCH. So I grew up seeing him as a father figure. I got married at a very tender age . I was just 16 when I got married to an Ilorin based wealthy business man. I was forced into that marriage because of the man's wealth. He was the richest man in Ilorin at that time. He owns an estate. At the time I got married to him, he owns over 100 houses. He was the first person to own an estate in Ilorin at that time. It was actually because of his wealth that my grandmother asked me to marry him. I couldn't turn her down because I loved her so much. At that time, people told me that I was pretty and had the right figure for modeling, so they encouraged me to travel abroad. I was smuggled out of the room, and on my way, I had an accident (points to a scare).Well, I was returned home. My marriage to Alhaji was blissful in every sense of that word. I was blessed with 3 children, all boys.
While you were in Alhaji's house, were you in any kind of business?
As incredible as this may sound, it is true; at the age of 18, I became a car dealer. The first lady distributor of Peugeot Automobile Kaduna. I started with SCOA, later, I went to PAN, and that is how the name Hadiza Motors came about. So at the age of 18, I actually became a dealer for  PAN.


  Professor Oyibo Professor Oyibo is the first person to introduce the concept of Affine Transformation into the field of areoelasticity and aeronautics which is used by researchers and aircraft manufacturers across the world. Some of the problems he solved include :the Navier- Strokes Equation in Mathematics; Turbulence (Aeronautics); The Theory of Everything or the Unified Theory(mathematical Physics) GIJ,J=0.
The professor  discovered that Hydrogen (which he renamed Africogen) is the only building block of the universe , contrary to what was believed before.
 Professor Oyibo has been nominated for the prestigious Presidential Medal of Science and the Nobel Prize awards.
 IBC- England has conferred several awards on him. Among them are; International Personality of the Year (2000-2001); One of the Most Outstanding Citizens of the World.

 In 2002, he  received  the key to Miami Dade County, he was also  honoured by the New York City Council.
Professor Oyibo is a recipient of several professional and scientific awards. One of them is; Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronauts (AAA). He has been involved in lectures and research in Polytechnics and universities since 1986. He is currently a professor of mathematics and mathematical sciences at OFFAPIT Institute of Technology and University of Bridgeport.
Distinguished professors and scientists around the world have endorsed professor Oyibo as a world class scientist. He is married to an  American and the couple is blessed with 3 children
In this interview, Professor Oyibo Spoke to  our Editor-in-Chief Moses George on several issues. Enjoy it: 

is the first personProfessor Oyibo is the first person to introduce the concept of Affine Transformation into the field of areoelasticity and aeronautics which is used by researchers and aircraft manufacturers across the world. Some of the problems he solved include :the Navier- Strokes Equation in Mathematics; Turbulence (Aeronautics); The Theory of Everything or the Unified Theory(mathematical Physics) GIJ,J=0.
The professor  discovered that Hydrogen (which he renamed Africogen) is the only building block of the universe , contrary to what was believed before.
 Professor Oyibo has been nominated for the prestigious Presidential Medal of Science and the Nobel Prize awards.
 IBC- England has conferred several awards on him. Among them are; International Personality of the Year (2000-2001); One of the Most Outstanding Citizens of the World.

 In 2002, he  received  the key to Miami Dade County, he was also  honoured by the New York City Council.
Professor Oyibo is a recipient of several professional and scientific awards. One of them is; Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronauts (AAA). He has been involved in lectures and research in Polytechnics and universities since 1986. He is currently a professor of mathematics and mathematical sciences at OFFAPIT Institute of Technology and University of Bridgeport.
Distinguished professors and scientists around the world have endorsed professor Oyibo as a world class scientist. He is married to an  American and the couple is blessed with 3 children
In this interview, Professor Oyibo Spoke to  our Editor-in-Chief Moses George on several issues. Enjoy it:

   Professor, What is the GAGAUT Global Get Healthy Project  all about?Well, GAGAUT Global Get Healthy Project, is a program  that I initiated. It is actually necessitated by the alarming rate of deaths in Nigeria and other African countries. Death, suffering, hunger and basically all kinds of problems. God ordered me to preach the GAGUT Global Get Healthy project in Africa immediately. This project will put an end to untimely deaths in Africa. Like I said earlier,  it is based on the GAGUT formula. The formula is based on the reality that sickness is caused by what goes into your body, especially, through your mouth. Therefore,   if you are mindful of what goes into your mouth, you may never get sick. The most important thing that your body needs is water. But the water you drink should be the cleanest possible. When God created man, water, that is, H 2 0 was a very important component in the creation of man. The closest you can get to H20 is distilled water. Distilled water is the purest water in the world. But I know that you do not have this kind of water in Africa. If you want to reduce the rate of deaths in Africa, you have to accept what God asked me to tell you. The first message is that before you drink water, it must be boiled. You must drink plenty of water before and after your meals, because water and air are more important than any food you could possibly consume. Most ailments are  caused by unclean water because of the high germ contents. This is so important because the lungs we use in breathing, if you divide it into 10 parts, 9 parts are water. 8 out of 10 parts of the blood in our body, is water. 7 out of 10 parts of our brains is water. From the very beginning of creation, God hide His actual self from the world. Secondly, God hide what life is from mankind. Physiology and Anatomy has not been able to identify where life is in the body. But God revealed all that to me and that is why He gave me this program. My point therefore is that water is the most important part of nutrition, because 60 percent of our body is water. Secondly; green vegetables. What I am trying to say is that after taking plenty of water, eat plenty of green vegetables.  Let me point out here that if you must eat tuwo, garri, pounded yam, apku etc, it must not be hard, rather, you should make it soft. Again, eat plenty of vegetables. This is important, because chlorophyll, which is a major component of green vegetables, has some kind of connection with your life.  This formula  should be adopted immediately. The third thing here is fish. The oil from fish has very tremendous healing ability. Fresh fish is therefore recommended.  This is important because when the fish is excessively dried or smoked as is practiced in Africa, all its  nutrients and other important properties that are useful to the body are extracted.  The consumption of fish bred on the farm should be discouraged as such does not give the best results due to the chemicals administered for fast growth and economic benefits. If this formula is adopted, I can guarantee that it'll be hard for you to get sick, and your visits to doctors would be minimized. I can also  assure you that this formula will also reduce death rates in Africa.  Nigerian government should take note of this and as a matter of urgency do something about this. Let me also add here that late President Yar Adua's ailment could have been easily  treated using this formula because, Gij,j=0 is all encompassing and therefore,  has solutions to all human problems.  I am using this opportunity to call on the president to as a matter of urgency ensure that this unique formula is adopted immediately by the Nigerian government. I can only reveal the actual formula when the Nigerian government is ready to take an official position on this. All governments across the African continent should also take an official position on this concept. This is very important because, this formula is a potent cure for HIV/AIDS which is killing the most productive group across the continent. I can only reveal the actual thing when the Nigerian government is ready to take an official position on this formula. It might interest  you to know that all drugs are produced with distilled water. GAGUT has proven that all materials are made from Africogen, which is what you refer to as hydrogen. We have actually changed hydrogen to africogen. GAGUT has decoded that hydrogen actually means; hide the origin of science. We now said it is not proper to hide the origin of science, because the origin of science is Africa, hence the name africogen /africanium; meaning Africa the origin. If you add 8 components of Africanium, you get water.   Let me emphasis again that Gij,j=0 is a formula that  can cure not only HIV/ AIDS, but every other ailment as well. There are lots of AIDS patients on this prescription presently that are getting better. There is no drug from any part of the world that is more potent that this prescription that I have given you. The taste of the pudding is in the eating. Try this prescription and you'll notice the difference.

If your prescription is as potent as you claim, then more people in Africa should be given the opportunity to learn more about this……That's right. What we want to do is to create an Industrial Park. This is a place where universities and industries will meet. With such collaborations, we will begin to produce distilled water and then, go ahead to filter the water so as to remove the metals and other properties. That way, we will be able to get the purest form of water. Like I said earlier on, leaders in Africa must begin to see that this formula is adopted immediately. The presidency must not treat this revelation of mine with levity. This formula should be adopted in the whole of Africa.

What is the position of GAGUT on the unification of language?
Well, GAGUT has the mandate to decode all human languages to one single language. What I am trying to say is that GAGUT has found a way to unify all human languages into one single language, which originally was the African language. This unification will return us to the era before the Tower of Babel as recorded in the bible. The same God who divided all the languages has given me a code to decode all languages in the world and unify them into one language. This unification of all languages will bring about the cessation of all kinds of hostilities. Consequently, absolute peace will emerge. This is known as the GAGUT age of intelligence….The concept of religion actually started from Africa. GAGUT has the answer to unify all the people. This it can achieve by making all people speak one language. You see, if every human being on earth speaks one language, then they have no business fighting each other anymore. GAGUT will promote health, unity and enhance global economy. GAGUT turns everything to money. You can turn air into gold. You can turn air into water; you can turn air into food. So it's like magic. You see all these are based on the truth and there is only one truth; that is Gij,j=0. So it is the most practical revelation from God that has ever been given.

This is a difficult mathematical theory that.....
(Cuts in) What is known as mathematics of which God has installed me as king… you see, I was not installed as king of mathematics by a human being. It was God who gave me this knowledge. At the expense of sounding boastful, I admit that I have exceptional knowledge of mathematics, possibly, more than any other person in the world.

You are reputed to have put together physics theories, involving gravitational, electromagnetic, strong and weak forces as well as other forces that are not known to mankind. How did you come about these discoveries? Is it as a result of researches you have conducted or, did you come about this knowledge as a result of spiritual revelations?My knowledge and discoveries are products of the orientation that I received from our African elders. They gave me the pieces and I put them together. It is like standing on the shoulders of African electronics giants. When I put them together, not only does everything about physics come out, but everything about mathematics and the knowledge of the truth. You see, that's where the code Gij,j=0 came from. This code is the secret code to all knowledge…when you study it as. mathematics, it is called GAGUTMATICS. When you study it as Physics, it is called GAGUTPHYSICS.

The theory of everything, or what you code named Gij,j=0 is very complicated. Could you throw more light on this? Yes. Yes. This was given to me from God. Gij,j=0 means God does not change. That is the totality of knowledge. The Gij represents God. The coma means change; change in God is zero. There cannot be any knowledge or truth that is outside that equation. If anyone is able to prove this to the contrary,  the reward we are going to  give to that person is on the New York Times,  Wall Street Journal, it is also on the Royal Society of England's website (absolute Gij,j=0 is the only truth, the only  such equation that has ever been written. There would never be any knowledge outside this. Therefore, GAGUT is the only greatest thing that God revealed to human beings.

You also founded the Unified Theory and the Holy Grail of physics and mathematics. Could you please throw more light on this as well?
Well, it is very real. It is a revelation from God Almighty Himself. Just like the GAGUT Global Get Healthy project, this is a formula for life that could keep you alive for one thousand years. All you need to do is to begin the project, to begin to use that formula and you are never going to be sick again.
The theory of everything has actually taken the work left behind by Albert Einstein to the next level.

 You stood before the United States Congress on 27th January, 2000 to address the Congress on your findings. Is there an official position of the US government on your findings?
 Well, at a website called, if you go on to the google search engine, Put in  it GAGUT nucleus, check the left corner and you will see that the website is owned by the United States’ Absolute Find Foundation. That is the US  government’s arm of government that is responsible for science and research. So the statement about GAGUT that is on that site is : “Professor Oyibo has been ordained by God as the greatest genius”.That is on the US government’s website.

The Russian, Dr Gringory Perelman is said to be the most cleverest man on earth because he was able to solve the Poin care conjecture, a century old mathematical problem. In the process, he won awards and $100,000 to go with it...
That guy owes me at least half of that prize, because the equation that he supposedly did is embedded in Gij,j=0. There cannot be any solution outside that. Whatever he was said to have solved came out of  GAGUT. That’s number one. Number two, the problem he solved is only about 100 years old. The problem that I solved has been in existent since the beginning of humanity. It’s billions of years old. So there is no comparison between me and Dr Perelman. His case is the case of empty containers making most noise. That guy can not even come near me. GAGUT is the ultimate, okay? There are lots of other guys who are superior to Perelman. But those guy cannot even compare with us here. It is a propaganda, the same thing that is being done by the foreign forces in Nigeria.

But to the ordinary man,  the concept of GAGUT may just be an illusion. What exactly is GAGUT?
Like I said earlier. GAGUT is God Almighty Grand Unified Theorem. By the way, a theorem is a truth that can be proven mathematically. GAGUT provides the answer to; what is God or the universe? That is one question that human beings have not been able to answer in their search since the creation of mankind. It is said that the universe came out of the roaring water waves, and out of that water waves came out the building blocks of the universe, which is called Atum.. When the Greeks came to colonize us, they mispronounced it and called it atom. They biblical people also called it Adam. Adam, Atum atom are all the same word. But there is a building block, which became the basis of the science that God used these Africans to create, which is chemistry. Chemistry is the science of atum or atoms. So what GAGUT was able to do is to look at these accounts and through a mathematical process using the geometry that was used to develop people, to conclude mathematically that these accounts are the basis of human sufferings and persecutions. What the believer called word of God is actually what  science called the big bang, and it sounded like the roaring water waves. The big bang is the word of God and even the Pope understands that the word of God is the big bang. GAGUT was able to do that mathematically, in an equation, a simple equation. GAGUT was blessed by God to come up the equation: Gij,j=0 Believe it or not , this is the secret code of the universe

Does your theory means that evolution has its roots in God’s creation of Adam?
 There is no absolute beginning. The beginning is simply a convenience. Humans the creation of the material world as the beginig. But the truth is that God had always existed.
 God manifested asa Adam. The holy book says that God said lte there be light. It is God’s word that turned into the entity We all take our roots  from God not matter how bad we turn out to be. It’s some kind of transformation

How can this theory be applied in a practical sense by the ordinary man?. Well in summary, this theory will help you do things better. The theory is the total of the grand truth. You can even cooking garri better using GAGUT
How possible is that?
 The cure for HIV/AIDS for instance, is embedded in this formula. One of the corollaries of this formula  or the cure is truth than can be proven mathematically. It’s a solid mathematically. It can be applied in every aspect of our lives. It provides cures for incurable disease like AIDS. GAGUT has come to solve any thing that God has permit us to be solve. That is why the Nigerian Government  under Obasanjo to preach GAGUT for one full month. That is of course after they put the best minds in mathematics together to check it out. People like professor Iya Abubakar and Professor Animalu all concluded after the put GAGUT to test that this is from God. They went ahead and brought it before the Nigerian Senate for deliberations. The Senate endorsed it. Professor Animalu, reproduced a shape of  light after his encounter with GAGUT. He was able to reproduce when you pass a laser through a certain glass, it will give you an image  on the wall. Einstien.s theory cannot provide a solution for that picture, and no other theory can provide a solution for the picture. It was GAGUT alone that provided the solution. I am talking about the no nonsense professor Alexander Animalu. When he looked around, he realized that the picture he had developed from GAGUT  is actually a symbol of  unity of Nigeria.

What has been the response of the American Science community to  your findings?
But you should know that they will not come out to celebrate GAGUT.. Every race has been searching for this. Certainly, the race that discovers the secret code of the universe is the most blessed.We discovered it and that means that the black race is the smartest. Do you expect them to celebrate this rare gift that was given to Africans? They wanted it themselves. It’s you there black man that is suppose to start this celebration. Let the black race celebrate the cure for t5he AIDS. Death as a result of this virus will become a thing of the past. Gij,j=0, is a gift from God to the entire world to liberate from all sorts of  things that are undesirable to mankind.
Is the  Nigerian Science community’s response to you findings encouraging?
Professor Anumalu and Professor IYA Abubakar have testified on national television in Nigeria that GAGUT is solid While in Nigeria, we went to several universities across the country. Nigerians need to be grateful to God for giving them a formula that they whole world is seeking for GAGUT is a breakthrough Prestigious libraries in Harvard and Stanford universities have classified OFFAP It among the top places for physics in the world they have my books there. The Nigerian Universitiees Commission should buy my books for Nigerian universities. I spoke with President Obasanjo about this when he was in office and he assured me that he was going to do something about it. Obviously, he didn’t
You taught at the University of Bridgeport. Where do you teach now?.    
Yes, I thougth at the University of Bridgport. However, now I teach at OFAPIInstitue of Technology. It’s a new university we are building. It is a graduate University. We may not have top structures, but OFAPIT is a top school for mathematics and physics. But we teach everywhere else. Harvard and MIT are learning from us too.. GAGUT ia so big that it cannot go under any university, it will swallow it up. Through GAGUT, the curriculum that you use in school are going to revised because science is no longer going to be based on one hundred and eighteen elements but one.
GAGUT is here to repair the image that black people are dummies. No single European Mathematician has challenged GAGUT, except one African American called Professor Scot Williams., Whom I consider a CIA agent.

MUSA HARUNA IDOKO: Transforming Idah Local Government Area

Idah local governemt area is located on 7° o5  N6° 45 E and has a total landmass of 36 km2(139sq m). According to the 2006 census, the  local government area has a population figure of 79, 815.
 Idah, the headquarter of the local government is located  on the eastern bank of the great river Niger, in the middle belt region of Nigeria.
Idah, an old  river port town is located on the bank of the Niger with commercial routs that links Lokoja, the Kogi State capital  to the north , Onitsha to the east and Agenebode, across the Niger.
 Hon Musa Haruna Idoko, The Executive Chairman of Idah Local Government Council, is certainly not a man to blow his own trumpet. He prefers to work and allow people to draw their own conclusions.
Since his  assumption of office as Chairman of Idah Local government Council, his only preoccupation is the provision of basic infrastructures and  sound policy, that’ll usher in an era   where people will begin to see that there is actually a government place. To this cause, he has committed himself  wholeheartedly.
Before his assumption of office , the morale of the people  was dampened. Hopelessness hung over their heads like a thick cloud blowing ill wind. Despair  become part of the people’s life. There was no ray of hope any where.
People’s confidence in the local government system as an agent of positive change had become an illusion. Life had become a nightmare. The only solace that the people had was in their prayers for God to intervene and see to the emergence of a good leader that'll provide them with respite.
Indeed the emergence of Musa Haruna Idoko as Chairman of Idah Local Government Council was a divine act; it surely was God’s answer to their ernest prayers. ‘The messiah had indeed come’, they screamed with elation, when he was declared winner of the election
The people of Idah Local Government Area knew him very well. They knew his antecedent as  an elected councillor representing Owoli Apa ward. during his tenure as councillor, he provided the people in his ward with quality representation, that actually touched  and enhanced  their lives  in several divers way.
His contributions as Supervisory Councillor to Idah Local Government was still fresh in the memory of the people and they all knew that he was going to make a difference in their lives again. He lived up to their expectations and  his reputation as a top performer, was further confirmed by the midas touch he brought into governance.
Immediately Hon. Musa Idoko assumed office, he got down to the business of providing purpose-driven leadership for his people. The first thing he did was to restore the confidence of the people in the local government system. He was able to achieve this by first and foremost  reorganizing the entire departments in the local government with the aim of making them more effective so that they’ll be able to properly implement the policies of his administration for the  well being of the people.
He initiated projects and programs that have direct bearing on the lives of the people. Health centers were either built or renovated and equipped with drugs and other facilities to provide primary health services across the wards.
Honourable Idoko’s administration  set out to address the problem of epileptic power supply that  has held down the local government area from experiencing socio-economic advancement. The administration set out to achieve this by acquiring a piece of land  to enable the Power Holdings Company build an electric transmission station at Idah, that would enable it connect to the Gregu Power station. Work is presently going on at the site. Soon, darkness in Idah local government area will be a thing of the past. 

Idah local government under Musa Haruna Idoko has acquired various earth moving equipments   for the purpose of grading roads and opening up new ones. The local government has since commenced work on this project. Now, several roads are being graded. This project has indeed, brought a new lease of life to the people as its benefits cannot be overemphasized.
Several other projects has been embarked upon by the Musa Idoko’s administration in Idah local government area. Among them is the Legislative complex. This beautiful edifice, is a testimony of the administration’s resolve to provide worthy legacies that’ll propel the local government to enviable heights. Legislative functions, which is an integral part of democracy has indeed gotten a boost in  Idah local government  are. Councillors, who are representatives of the people,  have a befitting and conducive atmosphere  to carry out their legislative functions
Similarly, the local government has purchased and installed a high capacity power plant at the Idah local government secretariat. This gesture has boosted the morale of workers and has stimulated  efficiency at the work place. Of course, several other packages have been put place for the welfare and efficiency of workers. These initiatives have given birth to a committed and efficient work force. .  
Various youth empowerment and poverty alleviation schemes have been put in place by the administration of Musa Idoko. These schemes came at a time when then youths are disillusioned . As  the scheme progressed, more youths  would be salvaged from different vices and transformed into  useful and highly productive members of the society.
Several other projects have  been initiated and completed by the administration of Hon Idoko,
Musa Haruna Idoko was born o 11th August, 1971 to the family of mallam Haruna Idoko of Ubom-Idah. He attended the LGEA  Ayegba primary school bettween 1978-1985. He had his secondary education at St Peter’s College  and Dickson Memorial College  both in Idah, bettween 1985 and 1991.
 In 1987, he obtained a diploma in Banking and Finance from the University of Jos. He later proceeded to the Benue State Polytechnic Ugbokolo where he bagged a National and Higher National Diploma in Business Administration respectively.
He was appointed supervisory councillor for Agriculture and Natural Resources between 1999-2000. He was later elected as councillor representing Owoli Apa ward. In 2004, he  was again appointed as  Supervisory Councillor for Finance. In January 2008, another appointment came his way. This time around, Musa Idoko was appointed as Caretaker Committee Chairman of Idah local government council. A position he held until June, 2008 when he resigned to contest as chairman under the platform of the People’s Democratic Party. He won the election with overwhelming victory, a testimony  of the level of confidence reposed in him by the people.
His performance in office has attracted recognitions and awards from  several quarters. Indeed, the administration of Musa Idoko has positively impacted the lives of the good people of Idah local government area    .